Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well, after driving out to visit my brother and standing in line forever, they would'nt let us in cause Kaylee's birth certificate that I have is the one from the hospital and it isn't excepted there. It has to be the a real copy, stamped and embossed and crap. (Rules & Regulations) Whatever.... Now I have to go to the county clerk's office and pay to get hers.
Oh well, I guess I should have it anyways, huh.
Maybe we'll try again next Sat morning and I'll leave earlier too to try and avoid the lengthy line.


Sandy said...

oh man, I hope you didn't have to drive too far, and will be able to go back sometime soon.
Thanks for visiting me blog : ) You have twins? How old?

trisha said...

sandy-no notme, just heather- her boys are my nephews so I have been there since they were born! yours are so cute!