Saturday, November 19, 2005

Should we or shouldn't we....

That is the question....We got an offer to go to Stateline this next weekend, two night stay, two tickets to see Country singer Collin Ray and two free buffets. It is very tempting, I must say. And my mom said she would come stay here with the kids for the weekend. I just keep reminding myself that the money we would spend there could go towards Christmas. We have stuff on layway that has to be picked up by the 9th. And I know that we will be sitting in traffic for most of our trip being a holiday weekend. We really could use the get-away. I would have to control E at the craps tables and when our spending money is gone, that's it. That will be fun, huh? NOT! Anyhow, I have a few day to think it over before we have to call and reserve our offer.

What would you do???

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Debby said...

If you are anything like me and Eric we dont get away on our own that often....I would say the last time we had even just a night out on our own was probably a year and a half ago, and we are definitly ready for an outting.
I say do it, as moms we dont think of ourselves very often so every once in awhile we just have to do what we want and need for us.
The christmas issue is the only thing i would be concerned about but if you can manage it, do it