Sunday, November 27, 2005

Holiday Weekend Fun!

Friday morning we went out to fight the crowds. Me and my sister and her stepson's girlfriend Vanessa, were up and in a line that wrapped around a Walmart store and continued on down the street. We made it in and got everything we had circled in the ad and then went to Target and spent some more! All done and finished by 9 am- Whew -then my sister, Christopher and Vanessa came over and spent the night with us! James cames Friday afternoon and helped E putting the lights up on the roof! First time decorating this house! Our newest collection to our Christmas display this year is a 6 foot inflatable snowglobe with a snowman inside and snow that blows around! We had a good time visiting and Kaylee and Christopher got to play together!
Sunday is my older brother Jon's birthday and we will go to my moms sometime in the afternoon to take him his gifts and have brownie surpise!


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

cute pic but you should post a pic of the snow globe it is awsome we stopped by last night so emmy could see the yard you know how she is with the deco. now she is on us to do it.

Debby said...

me and my mom went shopping too, the good thing about our walmart is its open 24 hours so we can wait inside and they just unwrap the pallets and everyone attacks them...
do you have the snow globe that goes outside and it looks like its snowing.....those are cute would love one of those