Friday, March 31, 2006


You know when you've really had a 'mostly' terrible shitty week and you play it off to be an alright one? Well, let's all just face the facts of pretending and shed some light on reality, ok?


~My usual pharmacy has told me that my prescription (Acifex, for my Acid Reflux) cannot be refilled until prior authorizaton for refills from my my Dr is received. Which, ok, I already knew that was coming up last month cause every 11 months this occurs and I can read on my prescription bottle as can anyone else "Refills 0, or Refills 6, or Refills, 12, etc and so on. (my Dr usually authorizes the refills again each year for 12 months)

So almost 2 1/2 weeks ago today, I call in m refill, knowing that my pharmacy (same one I always use) will need authorization before refilling but I wanted to get the whole process started. This takes approx. 3 business days- no problem, that's why I did this in advance. So I wait, patiently and stopped in about 8 days later, thinking, alright, they'll at least give me a few tablets to get me through until my refill takes effect.
(they have done this every time this has happened before for over 4 years now) Oh no- this pharmacist on duty was a B#@*&, and I am not usually like that to make judgement, but I was being very considerate and attempting to explain to her the usual situation with this refill and she was giving me the 'stupid customer brush off', which I did not appreciate at all. So IO was refused any loaners and informed tro go purchase an OTC such as Prilosec, which, desperately, I did, paying over $13 for a total of 14 (so called 1 a day tabs) that did not work for me. I was still chewing antacids and gulping milk for some instant relief.
So , this evening I get brave and since I am in need of ibuprofin and a box of soonly needed tampons (cause, yes, I am totally PMS'in on top of all this) I run up to Sav-on and since the pharmacy was still open, I take a stab at asking the pharmacist on duty, what's upwith my refill.


OH, I AM SO SORRY MAAM------'m thinking) by this point I am beyond the normal adult frustration level and try to attempt to compromise.....
and I thank goodness that it worked for this evening- as I stood at the check out at the pharmacy with a box of Kotex Security Tamos and a 100 count bottle of Ibuprofin, the pharmacist on duty tonight loaned me 3 pills until proper authoriation is recieved.
I darn near wanted to lean over and give her a BIG kiss as I can't explain how she was saving my weekend......
Then I return home- (E sill playing his game) I walk in the bedroom and tell him-Listen, they gave me few loaner pills to get me through the weekend, and I proceeded to tell him that I put the box of Tampons and box of Ibuprofin on the counter as I waited and jibbered to myself aloud about the consequences of a woman suffering from too many things at once......
Thjey returned within 2 minutes with my weekend loaners and gave me two different coupons,
$1.00 off my box of tampons & $1.00 off my bottle of Ibuprofin!!!!!!
and for all my readers, this is only a "tiny" bit of my issues for the week!
Please join us in prayer as our Lord in Heaven blesses us with a new week!!!!


Thursday, March 30, 2006


I know it's a little late in the day for me to be posting my HNT but it's only 8:06pm my time so I'm still in the clear.
This is what I meant to post near St Patty's Day as Robyn suggested for HNT's that week, but I did not have a pic of my tattoo at that time and I ended up missing HNT the last couple weeks. I was a bit bummed out I did not get to participate so here it is.
This is in memory of my brother Sean (who I did a post about recently) and of my nephew, Evan, who would have been nine this next month, (Heather's son)
I know it may be a little difficult to read the first letterof their names in this picture. This was and still is my only tattoo today. I'm trying to figure out what to do next. (most likely will be something about my dad)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

K and the Animals......

I know, I post a lot of K but she is the one who is always with me. J is usually to busy his video games or playing outside, not to mention that he doesn't like to take pics like K does. Then there's B and V- always busy with school and work and practices and stuff and they too pretend to be camera shy often. They are going to do some Spring pics with me this next week though!
YEA! I will have fun doing that!
Anyhow, for now here's K with our boxer, Lexi. They are really close and Lexi sleeps with her usually every night.
K is this animal magnet, I tell ya-every time we're at the ball field or something, she manages to find someone else's dog and they become the best of friends as you can see....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who needs HOT DOGS when there's RIBS! Posted by Picasa
We BBQ'ed last night and as you can see K is enjoying the ribs, not the hot dog! Look at all her napkins! She's so funny!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Opening Day Ceremonies!!!

Today was Opening Day Ceremonies for J's team, The Mariner's. And of course, picture day as well. I only ordered the freebie pack-single 3x5 and team pic with 1 photo button cause I am taking my own pics this year! I already have some great pics of him and a couple great buddy pics with his best friend, Donovan which I could have paid over $45 for today. Yep, I am getter wiser by the day!!!

(Only downfall for picture day was that The Mariners Banner this year had Eric's name on it for one of the assistant coaches and he had to work today so he wasn't in their team pic)

That bummed me out!

Anywho...Opening Day was as usual except his team did not have a game today afterwards. Thats OK in my book-I was able to get home and finish cleaning and laundry and now we're BBQ'in ribs and hot dogs!!!

Hope all are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Becca has been so sick since Sunday night. Fever, throwing up, typical flu symptoms. I thought she was getting better yesterday morning when I left for work but I guess she was not.

Jeremy, Kaylee and myself all had a dental appt yesterday at noon so I took a half a day off work. It was a new dentist so I had to do all the NEW PATIENT paperwork. You know how it is. J had no cavities but K has 3. I couldn't believe it. She is the one that brushes her teeth with no questions asked. J is always, "why, why do I eed to brush them again, I brushed them yesterday" I guess it's the age. The x-ray tech told me after his x-rays that he continously was asking her why she as doing so many x-rays and such. I suppose asking why about things isn't all that bad so long as they're given the right answer, huh? Anyhow- I approved of our new dentist and K goes back for some nitrus oxide and 3 fillings on April 4. I will be off work for spring break that week and Eric is taking some well deserved vacation time then too so she will have both of us there with her.

After our dental and doctor appt (K had a doctor appt at 3:30 too) I went home to pick up Vanessa so she could stay with Jeremy at his practice while I took Kaylee to dance class. (becca seemed alright at this time as I ran in to check on her quickly) I arrived back home around 6:45 pm and her fever was back up to 102.6. She had still not kept anything down and I said let's go to urgent care-emergency. Left J and K to Eric to get them something to eat (as they both missed lunch at school and after the dentist, they had to wait for the flouride treatment they had before scarfing down only a granola bar with water (which I try and keep a box of in the car at all times) THANK GOODNESS!!!!
We checked in ER around 7:15 pm and did not get home until alomst 1 am. She was dehydrated (which I assumed already) and she got a shot in her butt to stop the vomiting. They took a urine sample and checked her blood (which I had already told the DR. that I have to remind her constantly to take an iron pill a day. (she is anemic like I am) DR. came back in to tell us that she has a really BAD case of the flu. Ok- by this time we were both so exhausted and the shot they gave her made her sleepy so by 12:45am we were happy to accept her discharge papers and head for home. I felt like I'd been drug around the world and back again by the time I hit my bed ....(Laying the wrong way in our bed cause E and K were taking up the whole top of the bed, I fell asleep opposite from from them, which is sometimes more comfy cause we all have more room...)

I stayed home with her today to keep an eye on her and make sure she is getting fluids and such. She has not had anymore vomiting yet but the fever is still a problem. Since this morning, I've been kepping her temp barely under 100 only by ibuprofin every 4 hours. She has kept down a small bowl of mashed potatos that I made for her around 11 am and then a cup of soup (only 1/2) this evening. Thats a good sign I guess, huh? She missed her first softball game of the season this year
today :( (I called Coach today personally to tell him that she was still really sick and he understood)
I want to thank Heather soooooo much for not only picking up Jeremy for me this Am but she offered to to take Kaylee home with her so I get could some rest and take care of Becca. It was really nice, I got Becca's room sprayed down with Lysol and started on the laundry. I almost finished up the kids' laundry (except for Jeremy's missing baseball sock,,,,eeewwweee, where do they gooooooo:????)
She seems to be a bit better tonight. We just watched Kevin 'Chicken Little" get voted off American Idol. Although I gave her more Ibuprofin less than an hour ago to bring her fever back down. Can this just be the flu??? I am so done with dealing with sickness. I pray that this one does not go through our whole home.....
J has started his baseball games last week and today Eric was the Umpire for their team game! J did really good- he hit and played 3rd base like you would not believe. He had some excellent throws and plays this afternoon and his team tied the game 2 to 2 to finish....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The kids having FUN with Daddy this weekend!!! Posted by Picasa
TiTi got a new camera!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Make Your Own Pizza Night!

The kids got to make their own pizza tonight. I have been trying to think of easy, inexpensive, fun dinners that the kids can help with and this one was very successful night, I tell ya! I recommend it to you all!
(all I did was provide english muffins, pizza sauce, (which was on sale, 1.49) and some pepperoni. They had fun making them and then I tossed them in the the oven at 350 for 15 minutes and they really enjoyed them!!!! Becca even made herself some! She was off work in time to make herself one too! Eric just got home and he willmake his own too after a while!!!
hope all are having a good week, and are looking forward to the weekend!!!!!

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Sunday, March 12, 2006


After church this morning, we decided to take a trip up the hill to Oak Glen. J and K have never been to the snow. They had a blast! J's jeans were totally soaked and he was freezing by the time we left. He rolled around in the snow and rolled down little hills and they both made snow angels. E helped them make a snowman and afterwards, they destroyed it! We all had alot of fun and was REALLY cold there. It was actually snowing at times and I had never been somewhere before where the
snow was falling. It was so neat.
I took lots of pics as usual and I have started my a new blog for my pictures only! Here's my link:

We stopped for a bite to eat on our way back and then stopped in at my mom's so the kids could say hi to their dad and have one last snowball fight with him with the snow we brought home!

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Mom Got Me A NEW BALL!!!!

Lexi was in need of a new soccer ball. As you can see....This one has been through the ringer. (Well, it's really only her playin' ball with it) I tried to toss this old soccer ball in our trash container this last weekend and she whimpered and cried at the brown trash receptacle until I took it out for her. So, in an effort to indefinetly rid this now dental floss, as I call it, I bought her a new soccer ball today. Keep in mind, she is totally enjoying it, but the floss is still here...just in case of a withdraw. I will kepp ya'll inform of her progress. (every time I think about this particular subject, I go back to that movie Summer School....where his dog had that toy thing that he threw in the ocean and it didn't come backashore til the end of the movie when they fell in love....Anyone remember that movie? !!!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Hard Workin Man.....

Trying to get our backyard ready for a 'possible' reception, E has dug out a couple or few unnecessary trees and bushes. We found that they were much harder than expected. The last one he did, (last night) had major roots that caused more work and also the outcome of the replacement of not only OUR shovel, but two of our neighbors as well. YEP, he broke 3 shovels last night in attempt to remove this huge mess of a 'tree gone bad' ! Our backyard looks much better already and I'm beginning to think that we may be able to accomadate our guests for our reception in June! He has been working so hard lately, cast and all!
Here's a Corona for ya BABE!!!

Could I ask for anything more? This week/month has been hard enough and he just keeps standing by me and putting up with my attitude and my everything else that goes along with me and all the stuff that he deals with regularly. (Don't get me rong, I deal with him all the time too! :)
He too this last month or so, he has gone through some stuff....
His first 2 episodes of wisdom teeth being removed (yes, stitches, antiboitics and all) fracturing his hand during his softball game (which is one of 'HIS' hobbies every week) He also has been playing poker on Sat nites with Steve and friends and they enjoy that too! It is nice for our guys to have things they enjy doing that are normal, ya know what I mean? I've known many women that are not so lucky.
Love you babe!

Monday, March 06, 2006

10 YEARS AGO TODAY...........

I was posting these exact MISSING signs of my brother Sean all over the Riverside area. Asking permission inside local stores and such to post this sign in their window or door. Yes, I still have a copy of the one that I made a decade ago and I scanned it today to post along with a couple pictures I have of him in a collage in my hallway. The last time I saw him alive was the early morning of March 6, 1996. I knew something was wrong when he did not come home that evening. Police and Sheriff informed me at this time that there was nothing they could do as he was an adult. He was 22 and could take care of himself in hte outside world.
Almost 1 month later, on April 3, 1996 his decaying body was found by a bee keeper n Chino Hills only able to be identified by a fingerprint. My dad confirmed that it was him when he went to the coroner's office and identified him through photos and his remains.
(wow, this is harder than I thought it would be)
He was murdered by a so called 'friend' that terrible night of March 6, 1996 at his friends home here in the Riverside area. This so-called friend of his was a drug addict asnd has lived his life in and out of prison. (My brother, Sean had never been in trouble with the law when this happened to him) The story through courtroom testimony and witnesses confirmed that this 'friend' struck him in the back of his head with a weight bar and repeated this until he did not move. He then wrapped him in tarps and tied him with rope, drug him into his garage, where he kept him for almost 3 days and then dumped him in Chino Hills with some trash and animal feces that he had. When he dumped his body in hills, he shot him in the chest with a gun.
Almost another month went by before the police and sheriff's department really got involved and found and arrested this 'friend' that killed him. He is currently serving a life sentence on a 3rd strike offense (2nd degree murder) 45 to life with out the possibility of parole.
The court proceedings were darn near 3 years long and has taken a permanent mark on especially my mom and myself as we were asked to take the stand during the trial.
I miss him everyday and wonder how it would be if he were still here today. We were not even two years apart and were best friends!
Here he is at approxiately 5 years of age........

And here is as we remember him the most... Happy and having fun....

Age 22 - January 1996

Sean, I love and miss you everyday. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you.

S . K. C. July 14, 1973~March 6, 1996

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Few Things To Post.....

WOW! I started OUR first draft of a guest list this evening. I figured that is where I need to begin. We are planning our wedding in June and we are not having an actual wedding ceremony, but we are planning a big reception. I am trying to figure out whether or not our back yard is big enough and 'Can it be ready in four months'? There is so much too consider and I do not want to make myself crazy doing all the planning. Ya know what I mean? (I know, thats inevitable, right?) We pretty much have our cook ( thanks to Ron, James dad, he cooked for their wedding too) Really good food! We need to get together with him so we can make sure he's even available and to discuss the menu, which is going to mostly be buffet-hawaii style. I'm starting to get a bit nervous. I just don't see how in less than 4 months, we can have a graduation party (Becca is graduating high school the beginning of June and then our wedding reception shortly after....) It just seems like too much this year....What to do.....What to do?????
My youngest brother, Josh got out yesterday, ( the father of J & K that I am raising) He looks really good (as usual) and I really hope he can do better this time around. He will be staying mostly be staying with our mom which I hope works out Ok for a while......( We will see, I will pray everyday) Anyways, the kids were so excited to see him when he came in the door last night, it almost brings tears to your eyes.....They spent the evening playing and going throught all the letters and pictures I had sent to him and finally they fell asleep.

And lastly.... I have been tucking a few extra dollars here and there, and I am tempted to go buy myslef a new camera. Yep, I think I deserve it but I still have a guilty side of me saying...'Oh you could use that money towards your reception or your daughters graduation....But then again, this extra $ is $ I set aside for, well, for wahtever we need it for I guess. I should just keep saving it up in my hiding spot and I'm sure something will come up, more important than a NEW camera FOR ME and I will be glad I saved it.....

Any how, it's getting late and Heather and I are getting up early tomorrow for church, so I will talk to ya'll agian soon...Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I had to post this one for my HNT this week. I was going through some of my pic folders recently and found this one. This is James, my brother in law- he really is posing for this snapshot but isn't a classic!
(with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, talking on the cell, holding a 40 and there's an energy drink can on the counter!)
(I havn't been feeling very well this week so I haven't been snapping pics or blogging much)