Saturday, February 25, 2006

J got to go to the truck races with his Papa and his mom Friday night so E and I took K to Castle Park for rides and games! She is crazy, she would have tried all the rides if she were tall enough. We had fun and she was out by the time we got home. E even won a season pass for getting the highest score for the night on the ghost buster ride they went on together!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
CASTLE PARK FUN! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006


My HNT for this week contists of my poor little 'ring toe' ~as opposed to 'ring finger' :) ~ I smashed this SAME toe and broke it years and years ago, and it has always been shorter than than he other one and it has always looked a little funny....Well, I did it again, it hurt SO DAMN BAD when I did it again the other day and the next day it was all bruised up and it's even shorter now than before. How many times can you break the same darn toe, I say???? (as you can see, when I smashed it, every bit of my pink polish was instantly removed!)

Top Guys On Idol!

The Top 12 Guys!
My top 3 from the guys:
#1-Taylor-he is awesome all around! great performer!

#2-Kevin-(young & not the best looking but isn't it about the good voice!)

#3-Ace (needs some practice, he'll get better!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Top 3 Girls On Idol.....

American Idol 2006 Top 12 girls from Tues night......
My top 3 are:
#2 Paris

#3 Lisa

Actually Lisa & Paris are both really good, and being so young still, they'll make it no matter what now!

Anybody else got favorites!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


K and cousin C ~ Dec of 2005
And here they are almost 1 year earlier in 04
Look how they have grown!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our Valentine's Date

We went to dinner on Monday night to avoid the crowds and because Tuesdays are really busy for us, K has dance and E has his softball games. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen, E has been wanting to go there. It was really nice to get out by OURSELVES. I got my present too! Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? He actaully picked it out too!
Thanks babe, I love you! (it's the one on my ring finger)

P.S. Last night at E's game, he went to catch a ball and fell and broke his hand. I got a call after midnight (his game didn't start until 10pm) and he was at the hospital. He will be getting his cast put on in a few days. I tell ya, he is done for this season for sure!
Here's the newest addition to our family....His name is QuikSilver and the kids love him. He is really sweet and very cute! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

Couple of things to post....

First, Jeremy's first crash on his chopper. OUCH! He was riding with his friend who was behind him and he turned to look back at him and crashed into a parked car.... He split his finger opened and instantly bruised his two fingers, busted his lip opened and bruised his chin and his elbows were scrapped and full of asphault. Thanks goodness for helmets. This last pic is after he was bandaged up and sleeping Wednesday night.

And secondly: Last night after dinner he called me into his room to because he wanted to show me something..."TiTi, TiTi come here", he shouted. I walked in to find this on the floor, and he said I made this for you! How cute is that...He spelled out 'I Love You' using his matchbox cars for me!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I had to save this one for today...these are the shoes Becca wore last Saturday night for her mid-winter dance! Yeah, look at the shoes people!!! Not the sexy legs! hehehe!

Sunday, February 05, 2006



Steve and Heather hosted their first SuperBowl Party this year!!!! It was absolutely great. Everyone who came brought something and there was so much food, it was impossible to try everything. A few options for appetizers included: little smokies in BBQ sauce, nacho cheese or fresh homemade salsa with torilla chips, ceviche on a cripsy corn tortilla, seven layer dip with Scoops and more. Then on the grill came burgers, chicken, hot links and more.........Add the food along with the Corona + limes = GOOD TIMES! The guys enjoyed playing horseshoes in the back and the kids took turns in the trampoline. We had too have the older kids take turns with the little ones, cause the little ones must have their turn by themselves so they do not get trampled over! As you can see in my pics here, they had fun!

I think we have started a new yearly tradition, haven't we Heather and Steve?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mid-Winter Senior Dance......

Here's my baby getting ready for Arlington High School's Mid-Winter Dance...... (she's going solo with the girls this year!)

she is so beautiful and I am so proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had To Post This Pic!

My friend Kelli did this one for me. She did some others- one I will never post, it's disgusting.... She is having too much fun with this photo program she has!!! Thanks Kelli!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

HNT- (my first one!)

Ok, here it goes... I decided on V's BEAUTIFUL SMILE (that she better not hide anymore)
She got her braces off last night and when she said that her teeth felt naked- I said OMG, I'm going to do my first HNT about your naked teeth!!!