Monday, January 29, 2007


Well, I - WE have been sick.....Eric and I both had it bad last week and Im so glad that I am finally feeling better. This ucky flu and congestion absolutely sucks! Then Thurs night, after I finally tried to eat some real food, I got voliently ill and puked my guts out. This of course made my heart rate go up and let me tell you,. it was pounding and would not slow down. I ended up at urgent care and they did an EKG and a chest x-ray. My heart rate was still a bit high and now I have to see my reg DR tomorrow and get a referral to a cardioligist to have some tests done. Hopefully this will not interfere with my already scheduled surgery which is for Feb 16 - to have a procedure called Novasure and and have my tubes tied: Here is some info on this newer type of procedure that will hopefully end my monthlys and ree me me from agony an pain:

What is the procedure like?
The application of energy is intended to permanently remove the endometrium (lining of the uterus), to reduce or eliminate future bleeding. Here's a look at how the procedure is performed:

Your doctor will slightly dilate your cervix and insert a slender wand through the cervix into the uterus.

The doctor then extends the triangular mesh device through the wand where it expands to conform to the dimensions of your uterine cavity.

Electrical energy is then delivered into the uterus on average for approximately 90 seconds.

The triangular mesh device is then retracted back into the wand and removed from the uterus.
(you can read more about this at

(I really hope that this will work!, it sounds good and my Dr who is a specialist, has convinced me)

I'm a little worried that if they don't have a concluse answer about my heart rate, that they will not want to do the surgery. So I am keeping my thoughts up and hoping for the best...

IN OTHER NEWS: Here's K and V posing for the camera his last weekend! K is so excited because her dance recital is coming up in March, so she has been busy...busy... learning and practicing her routines! And V is being sexy in her pics!!!!!

Also: I am doggie-sitting for a few days or a friend and karl the little Cocker is not being nice....I had to put him in the garage for a little while cause he was trying to attack him. Like he would have a chance with this big ole dog Blue! Lexi and Blue get along fine but Blue hadn't met Karl before this afternoon and they had their little run and now they are doing ok! I will be sleeping in the family room on my second bed (the couch) like I do alot anyways and keeping an ear and eye on them. They will be alright, they just had to get used to each other a little while!

Karl is our cocker and Blue is the bigger doggie! Although, right now Karl is on Blue comforter that his dad brought for him and he's not liking that too well! But hten again, Blue is on the couch, (my bed) so they'll have to be getting to their own dog beds real soon!!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

weekend stuff............

~This is becca's beau playing' Dance, Dance, Revolution with them! He is such a cutie!!!

~here is Kaylee ready for T-ball for th first time~!
~ she has been practicing with her bro and friend!~

~kids playin throughout the weekend! Jeremy, Kaylee and BF Don!~

~J reading to little sis, K---James and The Giant Peach!!!!
They are too cute!!!!!!!!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

***********HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON***********



LITERALLY, his parents and my parents were best friends and hung out together in their younger years.... Aaron and I are not even 1 year apart so we have always been pretty close. Although we have always lived about an hour drive from one another, we have always stayed in touch and now we both have families of our own and spending time with them is always wonderful! His wife, Dilsia is one of my best friends and our kids love to hang out together now too! They just boght hteir first home in Hesperia and I'm so happy for them! They really have worked hard to get this far and I am very proud of them both!

We went up yesterday and saw their house for the first time and celebrated Aaron's b-day!!! We played poker and had pizza and wonderful snacks and cake and stuff. Eric and I had J and K with us and they had a ball playing around there too! It was VERY CHILLY there-it got down to 9 degrees sometime during the late night/early morning and they had bits of snow in their backyard. The kids loved it!

Here are some pics I took during our stay......

~this was taken from their backyard~

~j and k watching the train go by in their backyard~


Saturday, January 06, 2007

My baby's apartment searching......

What am I going to do? I know.....I need to be adult about this and support her in every way possible, but inside, I feel sad. Becca and her boyfriend Josh, (whom I love) went apartment hunting today... Like seriously apartment hunting and I am feeling very bittersweet about the whole thing. Anyone have any thoughts or advice for me on this cause I could really be using some right about now.
I know that is is very NORMAL for young adults to move in together and whether or not they actuay make it together in life, this is a way of their learning of life and I'm am going to support her & them 100%. I was NEVER given this chance as a young adult to venture out on my own too figure out what I was going to do with my life and I want her to be able to do just that! She is a VERY good girl and in college and working and has her goals very well in mind!!! I could not ask for more. Her boyfriend, Josh, is incredible! He is so polite, kind and caring and loves her too death! He too is in college, has a good job right now and finishing up his college education with a metal fabrication degree, and has very oriented goals for their future. Can it be possible that you really, actualy meet your life-long mate in college and it sticks? When they got home tonight and were showing me pictures and applications and such from different apartment rentals, it really hit me,,,,,,they are serious,.........and I am going to have to face this and support them, no matter what! She was so excited to show me the pics she took while they were looking about different apartments throughout their search today! And I was very happy to be a part of it!
She said, look at this kitchen....isn't it cool!!!!!!!!!!! This complex has a pool and spa....but, (she said) don't worry..... I'm coming home all the time to do laundry, FOR FREE, don't worry, you guys won't miss me! ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh OK! Of course, I was happy with that! As long as I now she is not that far away, I'll have to get over it and I will be a very proud mama and support her no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank-you Jay & Penny......

I want to Thank Penny & Jay for our package we received for Christmas! I LOVE the Lighthouse stuff you sent me!!!!! I hung the Lighthouse of the East Coast kitchen towel in my kitchen and told all the kids that it was NOT a dishtowel, but part of my lighthouse decor! and to keep their grubby hands off of it! So far, so good! Also the dogs love their goodies! Too be honest with you, Lexi loves the toys more than Karl, but Karl loves the eats more than Lexi!!!! Here are a few new pics of Karl and Lexi for you guys to see!!!! He is a VERY sweet, although we're still having a problem with his bathroom habits and my living room carpet. I think it's go to be either in the night or after I leave for work in the morning that he uses the living fr his bathroom. There's usually not a long a period of time that someones coming in and out of the house and lets the dogs out back to go potty, but he's still peeing in the living room. I have been working extra hard with him and to tell you the truth.... he is a little fiesty with others, (which I do not mind at all) When others try to call him to go out the back door for potty, he rarely listens to them... But if it is Me or Kaylee, (whom he LOVES) he goes right out!!!! I have grown very close to him and so has Kaylee. We bought him some Doggie cologne, (for in between grooming) cause, you know how Cockers have immense odors, (especially their ears) and she brushes him and everything. It is so funny how she can just call him out back and hold his collar with his doggie brush in the other hand and he just stands there and lets her brush him and spray him with his cologne! But you let ANYONE else try to control him like that and he does have ANYTHING to do with them. They have really bonded and I'm glad for that!!! He has an official full name now, you know...

- Karl David Mariani- Isn't he adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

We stayed around home for the New Year- Keepin' it safe and happy for everyone. We BBQ'd burgers and the kiddies played on J's new air hockey table that we set up in the garage-the adults even got involved a for a few games. My bro- J and K's dad was here too and they had fun hangin out with him for the New Year too! V was with my sister so she as not here and B and her boyfriend, Josh hung out here too. He is such a sweetheart! I know she is getting older and boyfriends have come and gone, but this guy is a definite keeper in my eyes. He is polite and well mannered and the most mature one we have met so far! I think she really likes him too! (I guess we'll see what happens this time, huh?) He is in a pic with her below....what a cutie, huh?

Around ten o'clck, we went down the street to our friends house, (where Jeremy's best friend lives) and hung out there to ring in the New Year and we danced and had a few drinks! The kids hung out until right after midnight and then K fell right to sleep, she was tired! J and his BF stayed up a little while later and crashed out around 1am. We on the other hand, didn't go t bd ntil about 3:30 or so AM..... That is SUPER LATE for me......and I am still recovering from my lost sleep.... Here are some pics of us being silly and having fun through out the night!!! We hung out and danced with our good old buddies and enjoyed ourselves very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

~this was my favorite pics of the night....I caught them by surprise and it looks like they are trying to make out with each other, doesn't it?

HAHAHA! This is E with one of our good friends, J!

(get off each other guys!!!!!, Just Kiddin!)

********HAPPY 2007 TO ALL********

Hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year Year!!!