Monday, October 31, 2005

All their friends from day care ! Happy Halloween! Posted by Picasa
Here's 'Violet' from The Incredibles! Posted by Picasa
Kaylee (Violet) & Jeremy (Dash) strike a super hero pose at their daycare party on Oct. 28th Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Sister's Bachlorette Party!!!

Wow, did we have FUN! One of our good friends, Madonna who got married last year brought her this bag with a 'TO DO" list on it. She also brought her this lovely headband that she wore all evening with this feather boa that had condoms taped all over it! Here are a few things that on her "TO DO" list: (which by the way she did complete!)

  1. Ask a guy at the bar for a condom (x2)
  2. Get 5 kisses (on the cheek, of course) from 5 different men
  3. Ask a guy for his boxers
  4. Get spanked by a guy
  5. and there were more.......

Well from these alone, you can guess that we definitley had fun!

First we all went to Frank's Bar and Grill where we had some appetizers and sang Karaoke then we headed of to San Manual Indian Bingo and Casino and went to a club they have inside there...and this is where all the action took place! When we wlaked in another one of our good friends had a table all set up with penis balloons and a big penis sucker for her...It was so funny!
Thanks again to everyone for making her night a great one!

Happy Birthday Minnie...

We had a get together last Friday night at my place for my aunts b-day...she had a good a couple pics from that!

after pics of K's hair

well my computer at home is acting up so I gave up trying to update last night...Both before and after pics were supposed to post together but didn't so here are the after pics of Washington's hair!...
I love this one on the right...she looks like a little baby girl again!

Monday, October 24, 2005

"Why did you make me Washington?"...

...were Kaylee's exact words after checkin herself out in mirror after I put rollers in her hair a few nights ago. We were trying them out cause I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna do her hair for the wedding! It was so funny when she said that! anyhow, here's a before shot of the old time foam rollers! (as she said Washington!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Last night, I made the kids cookies and milk and set the table up with Halloween candles and stuff in the kitchen and called them in to have cookies and milk after their baths...they loved's K drinkin' up her milk! Posted by Picasa
jeremy being silly & eatin up every last cookie I made for them! Posted by Picasa
j and k enjoying the candle lit cookies and milk I made them last night! Posted by Picasa

More Happy Birthdays Are In Order...

Well, this last weekends events included a couple more birthdays from our famous month of October!

We celebrated Taylor's birthday on the Hollywood walk of fame on Sat afternoon and then finished off the weekedn with a Princess celebration on Sunday for Cheyenne (a good friend of mine's daughter whose also jeremy & Kaylee's cousin) which was held at our place!

All in all everything went well and we continue on the PARTY celebrations in the next few weeks... We are taking my sister out this Sat (for her 'bachlorette' get together and all the guys are going on a fishin trip early, early Sat morn til Sun morn!) then my Halloween Party teh following weekend-(which will also be me and my sister's birhtday celebration- mine is the 23rd and hers is the 26th!

here's jeremy w/quentin (the twins are truning into such BIG boys now) with emmy peekin thru behind them! Posted by Picasa
look at how cute zach is! he is getting so big! Posted by Picasa
here's kaylee, jeremy and bubba getting their groove on-(bubba is davids son) Posted by Picasa
Hi Tami and David!!! they had fun with us too! Posted by Picasa
after most everyone had left, the kids had a blast dancing & singing (emmy, kaylee & jeremy are shown here) Posted by Picasa
steph and cheyenne...this is the birthday girl and her mommy! Posted by Picasa
here's jeremy & kaylee's cousin!-whew...look at that hair! Posted by Picasa
there were way to many kids & all in one room too! Posted by Picasa
Looks like the Angels are playin....He's talkin to Steve & James! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 15, 2005

We're Gonna Be The Incredibles....

I am so excited this year...Eric is going to dress up with me finally-(the first time in 6 years) Do you understand how happy this makes me? We got our costumes yesterday...
(thank you Fed-Ex) and he has tried his on twice... He claims it is a little uncomfortable....but he is going to wear it for me for a little while the night of our party. Hey, if he wears it long enough for guests to arrive and for MANY pictures, I'll really be happy..... Although, Jeremy and Kaylee will not be here for 'our' party, they too will be in photos as The Incredibles Family.... Cause J is gonna be 'Dash' and K is gonna be 'Violet' , our kids in the movie..... I even got Lexi, our Boxer a pet Incredibles costumes....I want to get some good pics of 'ALL' of us dressed up this year... Anyways...other than that...I WANT TO SHOUT OUT A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SOON TO BE MOTHER-IN-LAW, CONNIE, AND MY SOON TO BE FATHER-IN-LAW, BILL..... WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP THIS WEEK....HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!!!!! WE LOVE YA!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My Vaness is now 15, whew...I feel old- now with a 15 and 17 year old.....V's party was great...she opted to mainly invite friends from school and stuff, so we had hot dogs, nachos, chili, sodas, etc....and she was able to hang out in the back yard with her friends and I had the house all decorated for Halloween... They LOVED it!!!! I need to remind you that I LOVE HALLOWEEN..... and I am so enjoying decorating my house this year..... as you can see in the pictures..... I am having way to much fun....

Then again.... with all that has gone on this month already, I find my sanity in my favorite time of the year....HALLOWEEN.....

I'm in CHARGE here.... NO ONE can get past me....... Posted by Picasa
The 'Moaning Lisa' is a famous decoration hanging' in my house.... Posted by Picasa
This lovely couple hangs in my entry way...hehehe... Posted by Picasa
Hi... says my friend hangin' in the family room... Posted by Picasa