Friday, April 29, 2005

Loan Documents Have Been Signed!

Last night, Eric and I went through and signed all loan documents with Mike (our neighbor and loan guy) and with the help of Lise (Vanessa's step-mom) being there as the Notary Republic, which saved us $100. There were so many things to sign and sign again and sign again... Everything is now finalized and were down to less than two weeks away from closing and getting the keys!!! Wow, it's gonna go fast too, I know it. Time to really start getting busy and finish up everything. We can't wait!!!

Less than 2 weeks away until moving day!!! Posted by Hello

Soon, this will be our front door! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005

Alan Jackson Concert!

April 23rd- Wow, it's been a long day, now we are getting ready to go see Alan Jackson at the Hyuandi Pavilion in DeVore. Eric and I went with our friends, Gayle and Lonnie. Sara Evans opened for Alan Jackson. They are amazing in concert. We had so much fun! We really needed a night out, we've been so busy with moving coming up and all. After the concert we all went to Frank's Bar and Grill and Karaoked a couple songs before heading home at 2am. We were exhausted!!!

Eric, myself, Gayle and Lonnie getting ready to leave. Posted by Hello

Opening Day Ceremonies

Saturday, April 23 was Jeremy's Opening Day Ceremonies for Baseball. We were at Shamel Park most of the day. Team pictures were at 8:30am, then we went to breakfast with Jeremy's best friend Donovan's family. Ceremonies began at 12:00pm and his game was at 2:00pm. So it was a fun-filled day at Shamel Park for us!

Jeremy and Donovan hang out for a while before opening day ceremonies start! Posted by Hello

Kaylee is having fun with Daddy! Posted by Hello

Chloee, Jeremy, and Kaylee pose for a snapshot! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005


Eric and Kaylee enjoyed an evening out to an Angel Game on Sat. April 9th. Papa Bill went with them too! Kaylee got to wear her new Angel outfit for the first time! Jeremy has the same outfit but he didn't want to go, he chose to stay home and play with his best friend, Donovan. Kaylee enjoyed hot dogs, peanuts and soda with Uncle Eric and Papa Bill!

Kaylee poses with Uncle Eric before leaving to the game! Aren't they cute! Posted by Hello

Eric and Kaylee are off to an Angel game! Posted by Hello

Check out my new Angel outfit! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

Kaylee enjoys the warm weather on Sat. 4-2 and goes for a ride on her Princess bike! Posted by Hello

Jeremy getting ready for his 1st game of the season, 4-2-05! Posted by Hello

Vanessa poses for a quick photo before the performance starts! She did an awesome job tonight! Posted by Hello

Vanessa sang 'Take My Breath Away' at Poly H.S. Spring Choir Performance on 3-30-05 Posted by Hello