Saturday, July 30, 2005

Becca's 17th Birthday Party!

We celebrated Becca's 17th Friday night, July 29th. We had a lot of fun. Some of her close friends came and some of our family. Becca had to work Friday so the party started at 7pm after she got home. this is the last party for we are going camping aug 12-14 and then kaylee and my mom birthday the end of august. has been so busy...things should start slowing down for a little while!!!
Happy 17th Birthday Becca!!! Posted by Picasa
here is becca with her friends, larissa and crystal... Posted by Picasa
and kaylee poses for snapshot too... Posted by Picasa
heres christopher walking aroung my house having fun... Posted by Picasa
becca opening up her gifts! Posted by Picasa
heres becca with quentin! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005


today we went to my cousin, tawnee and new hubby, dave and their 3 month old baby tyler's welcoming party. it was at my aunt judys house, (tawnees grandma) in loma linda. i actually hadn't seen my aunt in a while. it was nice spending time with everyone. we have a lot of fun with my cousins and stuff. it was knida nice to go somewhere else for a party instead of being the ones having it, like it has been. now we have becca's next who will be 17 on tues the 26th, then kaylee and my mom the end of august...busy busy busy summer so far....
here is my cousin, melody, me, my sister, and my mom- we cleaned up a bit in my aunts kitchen... Posted by Picasa
jeremy enjoyed the party eating the goodies and picking lemons from Aunt Judy's tree... Posted by Picasa
here is my big girl kaylee- she and i have decided that were gonna let her bangs grow out...we shall see- she looks so much older to me...what's happening to my baby girl? Posted by Picasa
and my teenagers, becca and nessa are having fun hanging out at the party too!! Posted by Picasa
here are my twin cousins nicki and sarah- we have been having fun with them recently... Posted by Picasa
and james and my sister melissa were there too- we had a lot of fun... Posted by Picasa
kaylee just loves my cousin sarah... aren't they cute!!! Posted by Picasa
my cousin twnee and new husband dave cutting their cake... Posted by Picasa
kaylee with nessa... Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005


well...sometimes we just have fun at home- we found some graduation caps and the kids and lexi, our boxer, took some photos wearing them and having FUN...
kaylee and jeremy pose with a grad cap on- I guess they can practice early, huh... Posted by Picasa
lexi graduated - just kiddin-we were just playin around... Posted by Picasa
Becca posing for a snapshot.. ain't she cute! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005


Well, this last weekend was extremely busy.. again...I had the twins from Friday morning til Saturday evening while Heather and Steve enjoyed themselves in Vegas. I guess they deserved a break...this was her first trip away from the boys. they are so sweet and we had fun together...Sat was Christopher's 1st birthday (my sisters baby) and we had a pool party at my cousins apt building. Everyone had fun, as usual pool parties seem to be a hit this time of year... Although, I must say, having the twins was a little more work than my regular two little ones jeremy, 7 and kaylee 3, but we worked it out just fine. Now we have a partyat my Aunt's house this next sat and then Becca will be 17 the weekend after that...I am really exhausted....
here's the big 1 year old birthday boy- we're getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to him! Posted by Picasa
Here's my 1st birthday cake- I'm not real sure what to do with it though... Posted by Picasa
My mom and Phyliss,(Chris's other Grandma) w/Kaylee... Posted by Picasa
Here's Uncle Eric with Quentin... Posted by Picasa
Here's the little fish- I know she has fins by now... Posted by Picasa
Quentin and Zach enjoying the water at Chris' pool party! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

here's chris w/mom-sayin happy birthday to meeee. Posted by Picasa