Monday, February 26, 2007


well, hello all.....seems like I haven't blogged or updated in forever. For surgery went well. I had a lot of pain from the anesthesia this time as well as pain from the actual surgery. For about 3 days afterwards I had pain in my shoulders and chest which the nurse said I may have. I guess it it usual in some patients. I was under for about 1 and 1/2 hours during the procedure which is alot longer than the last procedure they did. It has been about a week and a half now and I am feeling much better. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I know I amgoing to be bombarded with stuff. Oh Well, I've already told myself, I'm just gonna take it easy and get through the day. I will know more about the outcome of this procedure in about two weeks, so I'll keep ya'll informed. I'm stitched up from the inside and glued on the outside so I don't have any nasty dressings or anything, just some discomfort in the area. Can't do any lifting or major stuff til after my follow up early next week. My doc is sure that this is really going to help me so we'll wait and see!

In other news...... Becca got another call from a very well known modeling agency.... John Casasblancas and we called them back this time. ( if you click on john casasblancas, it will take you to their website) She went down for an interview and audition and she got got a call back the very next day. This is a modeling and acting school with a very high profile reputation. She has REALLY wanted to have the opportunity to do this for a while now and she is getting her chance. She will be attending modeling classes every other Sat and continuing her classes she is taking during her 2nd semester of COLLEGE. And she is still working at Staters. So she is a very busy 18 year old!!!! I am so proud of her and I am so thrilled that she is going to get a chance to live out her dreams, which is something I never had the chance to do at her age as I already had two kids. Of course, there is money involved and we had to put down a pretty healthy down payment and now we are going to try to raise some money to help pay for the rest. We are having a big car wash this next weekend and I will be sending out flyers via email to everyone we know. So please check your emails for info. I really believe that this opportunity should not be passed up and her coach at this modeling school has rated her a VERY HIGH B+ and told us that she has BIG potential and really believes that she is going to get something out of this. So please, if you're interested in helping, let me know and we will greatly appreciate it!

Here are some pics of her befoer she went to her audition, which she had to dress business-like and in heels. I think she looks adorable!!!! There's also a pic of her with her boyfriend, Josh....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Angel's FAN FEST.....

Saturday was Angels Baseball Fan Fest Event at Angels Stadium. Eric and J & K's dad took the kids and Jeremy's BF Donovan. They had a BLAST!!! E was like a little kid getting to meet and greet players and shake hands with the Angels owner! The kids got to meet players and pitching coaches and got a chance to learn some information about baseball and the Angels! They got their faces painted, went on some rides and filled up on snacks and of course, funnel cakes! There were obstacle courses and they got to meet a REAL ralley monkey as you can see in the photos below.
Eric's HUGE highlight of the whole day was getting a picture with Mike Soicia and Garret Anderson which id the bottom picture!!!!!! He was so excited!!!!
I stayed home and relaxed, did laundry and went over to Heathers in the evening to visit with her and the boys! It was nice! Friday is my surgery and I'll be off work for a week after that so I'll try to keep everyone updated!