Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our 6th Annual Halloween Bash...

Was the best one yet! We had such a great time this year. The food was great and not a bit leftover and the first keg was empty by 10:30pm and they went for another! There was no drama or arguments between anyone which was wonderful! Everyone thought Eric and I looked good as The Incredibles! We had a lot of friends who brought friends, neighbors, who brought friends and family, who brought friends come and a lot of people were in costume which makes it funner! Some of the costumes we had this year were: Christmas Tree and Present (Heather & Steve) Free Mammogram Machine and A 'Peanut' M&M (Our friends Mike and expecting mommy, Jana) The Big Bad Wolf and of course Little Red Riding Hood, My sister was a devil and James a crooked Doctor, Hail Caesar and one of his wives! (Aaron and Dilsia) Stephanie came in with the Wet T-Shirt Contest ribbon on and the BIG HUGE Blow Up Boobs! It was so funny!Tami (the little evil fairy) and David (an evil caped ghoul) had a blast. David was shit-faced by the time they left and was being so silly. Darrell and Melody came and were grapes and a devil! Melissa and James and Aaron and Dilsia spent the night and we all went to breakfast when we woke up! It was just great, I don't have pictures of everyone, there were too many and I would of been flashing pics all night! Hope you all enjoy the ones I am posting! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

you all got some really good p ics

yes it was the best one yet and the food was yummy.

Thanks for a great night.

Avery's mom said...

free mammogram machine?
now that is spooky

it looks like you really had a fantastic time, wish I was closer :)

grody jo-dee said...

sounds like a blast! love the pics. you guys were cute incredibles. i thought the free mammogram machine was tres creative!