Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lets go to the Rodeo...Yeehaa...

Well, Eric and I took the kids, Jeremy and Kaylee to the rodeo this weekend for the first time. They absolutely loved it. Our friends Gail and Lonnie went with us too. We all had a blast. The kids got to pick out a cow boy hat too. Eric got free tickets through work so that was cool. No BBQ's... but they are coming up soon, we have birthdays coming up and our housewarming party too. Busy...Busy...Busy!!!

Before we left to the rodeo... Posted by Hello

Check out my stance!!! Posted by Hello

Jeremy says, "check me out'! Posted by Hello

They even got to pick out a cow boy hat! Posted by Hello

As you can see- they loved watching it! Posted by Hello

they got to pose with a couple of real rodeo princesses! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

Another BBQ- Another busy weekend!

Well, we had another BBQ this weekend- this time and Beth's and Minnie's. Beth made some screaming ribs and corn on the cob! We went swimming and enjoyed spending time togther. My mom, Melissa, James and James' neice, Chris, Me, Eric, Vanessa, Jeremy, Kaylee, (Becca had to work), and Melody had a great time! This weekend was so busy, I think it's time for another one!

Kaylee said and I quote, " I don't want a hot dog Titi... I want those meat things..." She knows how to eat, huh!!! Posted by Hello

And as you can see, she really enjoyed them!!! Posted by Hello

Gammy and Jeremy have some hot dogs and ribs... Posted by Hello

And Vanessa too! Posted by Hello

Kaylee floatin around in her floaty... Posted by Hello

Jeremy getting ready to jump in... Posted by Hello

Beth says Hello!!! Posted by Hello

Melissa and Chris...say cheese! Posted by Hello

Jeremy's end of season party!

Friday, June 3rd was Jeremy's Party for baseball. After their last game weall went to The Canyon Crest Country Club and had pizza, salad, veggies and more and the boys enjoyed swimming together, even though it was a bit chilly... Coach Otis presented trophy's to the team and gave a wonderful speech about htis season's accomplishments! See you next season for more ball!

It's a bit cold in here! Posted by Hello

Ok guys, let's give them a high five! Posted by Hello

Jeremy at bat! Posted by Hello

Becca got her first real job!

Well, Becca got a job at Stater Bros. which is right down the street from our house. She got her first pay check on Friday. We went to the bank and opened her an account with half of it and she will get her own ATM card in the mail this week. YEAH! She really seems to be enjoying it- already wanting more hours than what she is scheduled for. I told her - 'just be patient...and remenber that you are a new employee, so you will probably pick up more hours in the future after you have has been there a while'... YEAH Becca!

Here's the working girl... Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, this year, for the first time, we went to our cousin Melody's house for a BBQ. We also celebrated Melody and Beth's birthdays. We all brought something to go along with the hamburgers and hot dogs. Our cousins Nikki, Sarah, and Tawnee (Melody's daughters) were happy to see us (we hadn't seen them in a while) and they all played poker together-Eric enjoyed that! Tawnee and her hubby, Dave are pretty good at it so she won the first round. The kids had fun watching and holdin onto Eric's poker chips for him too... All in all... everyone had a great time.

Jeremy eating up all the strawberries... Posted by Hello

Kaylee stays close to the fruit bowl of course... Posted by Hello

Becca and Sean were there too... Posted by Hello

Chris is being fussy for Mommy Melissa... Posted by Hello

Beth opens her birthday gifts...Posted by Hello

And so does Melody... Posted by Hello

Tawnee w/baby & Nikki hangin out... Posted by Hello