Monday, August 28, 2006

Becca's Softball Party & The First Day of School!

Sat night was Becca's end of the summer league softball party at her coaches house. We had an absolute blast! Her coaches house is VERY nice and all I could say when I walked in was WOW.......OMG.....It looks like a house that is just for show and decoration ya know, no one really lives in it.......Totally immaculate and everything including the house was so HUGE and decorated so RICHLY that I almost wanted to take pictures of every room..... (no I did not, don't worry, LOL) You should of seen the master bath, straight from the show Cribs on MTV, I swear! Anyhow, we ended up staying way later than we had expected. E was not feeling well and we did not plan on staying long. But we started having so much fun and dancing and karaoke and stuff we didn't get home til darn near 2am. (the kiddies got to spend 1 night at their mom's before going back to school, so we were kiddieless) It was so funny when Coach G and his wife and team mom D did the awards for the girls..... Their team finished 1st place and all the girls received GOLD medals and then Coach G announced and handed the "special" awards for the season. After he was done with all the others, he called up Becca and one of her BF's for years now, Destiny....They are the 2 oldest girls on the team and this is their last year to play for this league cause the are both over 18. So they went up and coach awarded them with 'old people' canes from the party store. It was so freakin funny, I was literally crying with laughter, no one saw that coming......It was so great, I really needed a night like this one!!!!!!!



B and V left too early for me this am so I did not get pic of them before they left....(they did that on purpose) But here are the kiddies, J and K while getting ready and at school.....K was so excited and she did a great job her first day for her first day of Kinder........... and we met J's teacher today too and all went well!!!!!

wrap up- E went to the dr's today, dr wanted to do x-rays and he came home pnemonia in his left lung.........and anti- biotics....... and watch out......his boss is gonna actually have a couple days off to recover..... how nice, huh??????????

anyways....hope all ya'll had a good weekend and are off to a great week!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Favorite Foto Friday.....

~You'd Better Watch Out J~
~if you played along, let me know so I can check out your FFF~

Monday, August 21, 2006

Visit With Friends and Doheny Beach.......

Early last week, the kiddies and I went to visit some close family friends of ours. I needed to get away and my friend D, cut and highlighted my hair for me. YEP....I actually did something for MYSELF for a change...... Believe it or not.... I had a great time socializing and catching up on old times! The kiddies had fun swimming with the kids the kids there and they got to spend some time at V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School) while we were there and they had alot of fun! K brought home corn that she got to plant herself in her class and J brought home some Bible books and lessons that he learned about.

Our camping trip to Doheny Beach was so much fun....

Most of the campsites there are close together but we had really cool neighbors and the kids made friends right away! When we finally made it into our tents at night, the sound of the crashing waves is what we heard while falling asleep. That by itself was enough for me! It was awesome!!!!! My friend, Y met us up there too for some good times! We got there early Friday and set up our tent and stuff and then headed down to the beach for some waves and fun in the sand. The sandy beach was about 100 feet from our tent. Very close and very neat! The kiddies had an absolute blast the whole weekend. We all had a blast this weekend. E got pretty blitzed Sat night and he was dancing around the campfire with the flashight. I haven't laughed as hard or as much as I did like this for a while. Me and my friend Y were having a great time wathing him and singing to the music! The kiddies were full of smores and sound asleep in the tent. We played poker throughout the weekend and even J is learning how to play now. Starting him early, I guess.....

All in all, I could not of asked for more fun! We will definetly be planning on reserving our own spot on the beach for next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to go down and fill out a bunch of paperwork for daycare for the upcoming year and This Friday, we have Kindergarten orientation and K and I will meet her Kindergarten teacher and stuff. J will start 3rd grade and V will start the 11th grade and my Becca will start her first day of COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HEY.....I'm back.........

Well, seems like I've been gone forever..... I'm back home now for at least a day then we're off to the beach for a weekend camping trip. Much needed at that, I must say. Although it is a lot of work to go camping, we will have FUN, I'm sure! We got a deal from our neighbor, (gotta LOVE thy neighbors) cause they planned something else and gave us their reservations so it really wasn't planned by us we're gonna do it anyways! E got Fri and Mon off so I said LETS GO!!!!!!

the pageant was so much fun.... becca did sooo good for it being her first pageant. she looked absoulutey beautiful on stage in her formal wear! she answered her question with no stuttering or forgetfulness and accomplished her pivots and turns like a professional model! i was a very proud mom watching and helping her prepare in between competitions..... it was an extremely busy weekend... sat morn she had her personal interviews with the judges in ontario at the sheraton and sun morn we started our morn with rehearsal and then a lunch break and then back for dressing and make-up and hair touch-ups at 2:30pm to prepare for the pageant at 4pm. she did not win anything this time and that is totally ok.... she is not upset at all and then i asked her if she would do it again she said, "probably not mom, i think i'll stick to softball"
~here is a pic of when she did her casual wear routine on stage~

~walking to center stage with the MC~

~standing on stage in pose~

well crap......., i'm having trouble posting more pics right now so i will try again in the AM..... must be a blogger thing going on~ hope everyone had a good weekend and a great start to their week!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

weekend updates.......

Thursday night E took K to see GREASE at our city college auditorium. Heather went to with Emmy and a couple of her neighbors. K loved it and she got to spend the night after with Emmy at Aunt Heathers! I took this pic of them before they left! She was sssooo excited!
J spent most of his weekend with his BF Donovan. All day Sat and most of Sun they hung out and went swimming at Don's grammas. I (WE, E and I) ) did a whole lot of nothing ALONG WITH some cleaning and laundry this weekend. It was nice to not have a party to host for a change! I really needed a weekend off! Sun we watched the boys while Heather and Steve went an Angels game with Steves daughter and one of her friends. I went to their place while they napped and then when they woke up, I brought them came back to our house. They had fun playing with Kaylee and with the dogs! Zach and Karl really had fun together!!!!
Next weekend is the pageant and I will be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Favorite Foto Friday....