Saturday, November 19, 2005


Becca and Vanessa are gone... Only for a week, thank goodness. I am going to miss them...This was Becca's frist time flying so she was very nervous. Vanessa is used to it, she flys frequently throughout the year with her dad and stepmom. Their flight was only 1 hr and 10 minutes so it wasn't too bad. Becca went to Sacramento to spend some time with her godmother, she has never been to her home before, she has only visited with her in our town. And Vanessa is meeting up with her stepmom in Sacramento to drive to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday with her dad and Lise's family. (It's her dad's Thanskgiving this year...And MY CHRISTMAS, YEAH!)It was nice that we were able to book them on the same flight so Becca had Vanessa to fly up with instead of being alone. Although she will be flying back home by herself. I talked to them about an hour ago, (they had just landed) and everything went fine and Becca said that is wasn't that bad. So that is good, they are safely back on ground and I feel better too! Ohter than that, not too much going on this weekend, just trying to relax and watch a couple movies, get some laundry and cleaning done, typical weekend stuff!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!

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Heather/SHTEZQ said...

ahhh! they will be fine poor becca at least she wasn't to afraid and the flight went smooth. can not wait to hear about her trip