Sunday, March 12, 2006


After church this morning, we decided to take a trip up the hill to Oak Glen. J and K have never been to the snow. They had a blast! J's jeans were totally soaked and he was freezing by the time we left. He rolled around in the snow and rolled down little hills and they both made snow angels. E helped them make a snowman and afterwards, they destroyed it! We all had alot of fun and was REALLY cold there. It was actually snowing at times and I had never been somewhere before where the
snow was falling. It was so neat.
I took lots of pics as usual and I have started my a new blog for my pictures only! Here's my link:

We stopped for a bite to eat on our way back and then stopped in at my mom's so the kids could say hi to their dad and have one last snowball fight with him with the snow we brought home!


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

i love the one on the wagon in black and white.glad you went can not wait to see the new blog.

Michelle said...

I love Oak Glen. I'm definately gonna miss apple season, but I guess, being in Washington, they are bound to some kind of apple season!