Friday, March 10, 2006

My Mom Got Me A NEW BALL!!!!

Lexi was in need of a new soccer ball. As you can see....This one has been through the ringer. (Well, it's really only her playin' ball with it) I tried to toss this old soccer ball in our trash container this last weekend and she whimpered and cried at the brown trash receptacle until I took it out for her. So, in an effort to indefinetly rid this now dental floss, as I call it, I bought her a new soccer ball today. Keep in mind, she is totally enjoying it, but the floss is still here...just in case of a withdraw. I will kepp ya'll inform of her progress. (every time I think about this particular subject, I go back to that movie Summer School....where his dog had that toy thing that he threw in the ocean and it didn't come backashore til the end of the movie when they fell in love....Anyone remember that movie? !!!

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Heather/SHTEZQ said...

ok that old one is more of a chocking hazard. but she looks like she is having fun with the new one