Saturday, December 31, 2005

Park Fun!

Don't worry, Heather, I did not post that pic of you on the riding toy! I wouldn't want you to do that to me, so I would not do that to you! hehehe....
Well, this park we found is pretty cool, the sidewalk that wraps in and out of the entire park is awesome. The kids can scooter, heeley, bike, skatebaord, whatever throughout the whole part and we can see them the entire time! J loved it, he took his skateboard, K took her scooter, Emmy went crazy on her Heeley's (she also made friends, and I did'n get 1 pic of her :( cause she was too busy playin catch with their velcro game....)
The boys learned how to slide down the slide by them selves, after being sat at the top of the baby slide, they loved it!!!
We had fun and will be going back!! For now, here are some pics from our day yesterday!!!


Cristal said...

Why not I wanna see hehehehehe Love Ya all Cristal

Michelle said...

They kids got heelys this year too, and hubby wanted a pair. We spent one whole day until we found a pair that would fit him. Then he talked me into getting a pair. So now we all have heelys and the neighborhood kids think its so cool to see grown ups out heelying!