Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thirteen Thursday....

I am gonna try and keep this going along with The Martins ..... I like it, I think it's a neat thing to do every week...Come on and Give It A Try!!!!

1. I been off work and loving it since last week.
2. My step-nephew, Craig, turned 18, and we had a surprise party for him here and he loved it... We had a lot of fun!
3. Christmas came and Santa did well with the kids this year!!!
4. Our washing machine hose burst and the garage flooded out and caused me a huge mess. OMG...You should have walked out to what I did a few days ago---all was flooded and I was trying to determine what I should get up and out of the water first....It was complete mess!
5. We got some cool gift certificates for Christmas that we need to go and spend!
6. One of them, A restaurant, so that means me and E will go to dinner alone! You think ths will really happen.....NOT! But it is hopeful for a change that only us two go!
7. The washing machine continues to malfunction...and still has a leak after we replaced hoses.
8. I completed the whole , toy put away process, for those of you don't know what I am talking about, when gifts are opened they are accompainied by those the lovely little coated wires and plastic ties, which take actual man power and scissors and/or a knife to release the toy into into proper possible action.
9. Batteries were purchased and installed in every mechanism needed......
10. Number 9, (above) REQUIRED The of 3 different sized screwdrivers and 2 different sized allen wrenches... which took me a couple days here and there......
11. The washing machine continues to leak and I beg my family to use it sparingly as we are hoping to get a NEW- USED one this weekend from a good friend!
12. I continue to mop up water from the garage floor and hope and pray this problem is solved this weekend!!!!
13. And being off work is wonderful and I don't want to go back!!! If I could afford to stay home, I would!!!!!!

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Heather/SHTEZQ said...

If you and Eric want to go to dinner alone hello you have a babysitter less then a mile away go for it have fun. we can trade off on night yo and one night us. like this thing what is it 13 things that happened that week or what. i have seeen them but never really looked into it.