Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good News and Bad News.....

Well, Good News first, of course. I have solved the mystery with my downloading problem. My memory disk has gone bad. So while I am out today finishing up my last minute shopping (only a few more things to get!!!! YEAH!) I will pick up a new memoery card and I should be back in business!

Bad News: All the pictures on my memory card I have lost. I went and tried to upload just the card at a kiosk station and the machine wouldn't do a thing. So I must get over it and face the fact that they are gone.....

Well I will post more later with pictures I'm sure....I have Heather's gang over now while she runs some last minute errands, then she will take a turn with the kids and I will go and battle Walmart, as quickly as possible I hope!

Hope all are having a good day!!!

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