Monday, January 02, 2006

She's all grown up......

Before we know it, she'll be 18. Where has the time gone??? Like Heather said today, "Remember when she was playing her clarinet in Grandma's backyard on Easter during her 7th grade year?" Awe....How the years have flown by....and here's what happened today...



We decided against the used Jeep she was gonna buy from her friend. This way we'll have a warranty and it was just a better decision all around. So we took the down payment $ she was gonna give him for the 1996 Jeep w/200,000+ miles on it and put it down on this 2004 KIA Rio with 46,000 miles on it.

And along with that comes responsibility and a car payment, which she is paying most of might I add. She will also be contributing to her insurance premiums monthly!


She takes her behind the wheel test on Wed. so wish her luck! I'm still nervous about her driving by herself, but I'm alllowed to be, right?



Heather/SHTEZQ said...

awwww! it makes me want to cry. when did it happen where did the time go. but most of all aren't you proud that you are able to help her have these things. we have all come far trisha. We are so proud of becca and the things she is doing her grades the responsibilty she is showing . wow and good luck on wed. honey we love you and if you do not pass the first time try try try again
come over this week and we will play with your blog..

trisha said...

heather- yes please, my blog needs help...I will be there tomorrow girl! i'm gonna give you a call in a few!

Michelle said...

I'm so not looking forward to that! Why can't they stay little forever??

LISA said...

Wow, my Mom and Dad made me do the same pay my car payment and insurance. Gosh and I thought 230.oo was a lot when I was 18. Man if only we could still have a combined payment like that!!!
Good for her!!!!!!!!!!