Friday, December 16, 2005

Thank You Uncle James!

I received a Christmas card today from my Uncle James (my dads brother) who lives in Georgia. It was very nice to hear from him, as I hadn't in a while. I haven't seen him in a while, actually since my dad's funeral which was last April. He and my two Aunts flew out here to CA for the services and that was very nice. We were able to exchange email addresses (with my Aunt Gail also who now lives in Arizona) and we have kept in touch via emails, cards and letters. I keep in touch with letters and cards with my Grandma also who lives in Arkansas still which is where my dad and all his brothers and sisters grew up. She is 84 now and takes care of her husband, Robert. The one picture is of her, with husband Robert and my Uncle James. I was sorry to hear about my Aunt Patricia Ann passing away in Oct. You all are in my prayers. I hope my cousins, Mark and Scott are doing alright. The other picture is his front porch view, yes wild turkeys and all... Isn't it absolutely beautiful? I would really love to go visit him and Louise (his significant other) I would love to meet her!

Thanks Uncle James & Louise for the pictures and the gift card. That was very nice of you guys! Love You!

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Heather/SHTEZQ said...

that is awsome. Love the pics. I am so glad yiou were all able to come in to contact with each other and stay in touch. Sorry about yiour aunt are you named after her?