Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Why The Dead Jellies...

You know that I had to find out why so many were dead- even though i don't like them, i had to know what causes this... and here it it is...

THE RED TIDE -(i really did not know what this was either until reading about it)
The Orange County Register

The persistent and ongoing red tides may be why jellyfish invaded Orange County shores during the past few weeks. Thousands of jellyfish were seen in the water and dead on the shore, mostly on Newport and Huntington beaches. The jellyfish were looking to feed on plankton, biologists said.

(We know- we SAW them: see picture i took on previous post about 'a day at the beach')

Massive blooms of the single-celled organisms can turn the ocean reddish and make nighttime waves illuminate with a glow.

Another possible reason the red tide has returned is that the water has cooled significantly - the early morning temperature in Newport on Tuesday was 60 degrees, whereas a week ago it was in the low 70s, said Newport Beach Lifeguard Capt. Eric Bauer.
It's difficult to tell how long it will be around.
"You never really know how long it's going to last," Steers said.


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

good job trisha. you just could not let it go could y ou

Avery's mom said...

great research
I know we would have red tides when I was living in Pensacola. All the dead things washing up on shore...i use to imagine they called it a red tide because of the blood/ death of everything.