Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bridal Shower Ideas?

My sister is getting married in Novemeber 05 and I think I should start planning her a bridal shower, shouldn't I? I've done a little searching about it since I've never hosted one before but any ideas or suggestions from you married women out there who had a bridal shower? Ya'll know I'm not rich or nothing so most likely I will have it at my house. Should others help me out or what? Please help!

Here's some of the info I pulled up...

Bridal Shower Basics
Brides and those who love them often face some confusion concerning the hows and whys of throwing a bridal shower. With a few basic pointers, however, you can have a shower that is a worthy predecessor to the Big Day itself!
Friendship and support is at the center of the bridal shower tradition. While the origins are lost in legend, bridal showers have long been an opportunity for friends and community members who are not within the couple's family to demonstrate their emotional and practical support for the new household with gifts of household and other tangible goods. Because showers are meant to be an outpouring from the community, they are not usually arranged or hosted by blood relatives.

History and tradition play a role in bridal shower etiquette, but most brides expect and enjoy individual variations and creativity to mark this special time in their lives.
Bridal showers usually take place two months or less before the wedding date, though usually at least two weeks in advance to keep from interfering with wedding-related arrangements. One exception? Brides who plan destination weddings or who expect many long-distance travelers sometimes have their showers two days before the ceremony, when friends and family will be gathered together.

Practical matters
For the hostess, bridal shower planning should begin in earnest at about the same time that the invitations go out, or longer for more elaborate or larger parties. For restaurant showers, book a private room and guarantee as accurate as possible the number of attendees. If holding the shower in a private home, determine what food is necessary, and then decide what to prepare, what to purchase, or what to have catered. If a number of planners will be providing some or all of the food, make sure that the expectation about what and how much to bring is clear. The traditional afternoon shower usually features a light lunch or just snacks, desserts, and beverages.
For a home shower, make sure that there are enough chairs and tables for guests and food, and have fun selecting and placing decorations. To make it easier on the hostess, other bridesmaids should volunteer to help with the set up, take down, and clean up from the shower.
Finally, the hostess (or a volunteer) should keep a pen and paper handy to keep track of gifts and givers, and to make sure that she has proper contact information for each guest. The bride will appreciate a complete and detailed list when she sends her thank-you cards.

Well, what do ya think?


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

well I think you should ask for help like maybe do a pot luck. trisha you can not be expected to host every party alone like you said you are not rich. i will help by bringing some food or something. you know I will be here to help just yell for me.

Avery's mom said...

bridal shower is a fun time so dont stress yourself over the fine details. Simple planning is all you need to think about. the guest will make it fun and exciteing.

Debby said...

I didnt know anything about being a maid of honor when my friend Donna got married, I asked her friends and some family but they said it was no big deal most of them wouldnt be able to come and they had already bought wedding presents...etc....I was really disappointed.
I have HUGE regrets that I didnt look more into what my duties were. My gift to them were was I paid for the photographer but there was a miss communication between me and her, I still expected her to go out and find the photographer that she wanted and she thought when I said i would pay for it that meant I waas going to pick the person also. I had bought 2 or 3 cameras for each table for the reception so I went out and bought more of them and then developed all the pics and tried to put them together for an album for her....It was a disaster I guess is what i am trying to say....I think there is nothing wrong with doing a pot luck type thing.Just ask the other girls in the wedding to help you out.

Debby said...
here is a website you can check out, dont think you can click on it though, think you just have to copy it.
good luck

grody jo-dee said...

i think it's fine to have it in the afternoon, so you don't have to serve a meal. you could do a cake and some finger foods.

some fun things i've done/or were done at mine--

1) we played a game where every guest brings a canned food item, and the hostess numbers them and makes a list of what they are. then the labels are taken off, and eveyone tries to guess what's in them. the cans are given to the bride to start her pantry.

2) lingerie showers are always fun if nobody's too shy about that stuff.

3) i've also been to one where the guests bring a small gift and one dish that can be frozen (in a disposable container). set up coolers, and the bride gets to take it home so she doesn't have to cook during the 1st couple of weeks of marriage.

good luck planning! a fun shower doesn't have to be expensive.

trisha said...

thank you guys for the tips, and you're right, this SHOULD be a FUN
a time not s a stressed one. Thats what we're going to do too! Have fun...Simple planning and no stressing!