Saturday, July 15, 2006


Talk about some heat here in So Ca. It is 6:45pm and still 103 outside and tomorrow's high is 107. I went to the gym this am and that is it, been inside ever since. Went outside to get the mail and OMG, it was horrible. E went to the Angel game with Steve today. Are they crazy or what? I am taking Heather out tonight for her birthday. My sis is gonna go with us too. We are gonna have FUN!!!! We haven't been out in a while so we'll have a blast, I'm sure! Tomorrow Becca and I have a pageant meeting to go to. Someone (I haven't figured out who yet) referred her to be consulted to be in a preliminary pageant and we meet with the lady tomorrow at a fancy hotel. We'll go and see what it's all about, she is excited about it and so am I.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and hopefully staying as cool as possible!


Avery's mom said...

107 !!! forget that! I thought we had it bad here . its been hitting 100-103 but at least its cooling down once the sun dropps behind the trees.
still no rain so everyones on water rations....SUmmer time isnt suppose to be like this. remember being a kid and all the outdoor activity? now what do children do? I would be too scared to let them outside with the heat this bad.

Debby said...

hope you guys have fun.....good luck Becca in the pageant.

Michelle said...

We spent all day outside at the soccer fields for my niece's tournament! It was miserably hot and we are just not used to it anymore!