Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well, we are home and our vacation was great, but before I continue about our trip I must first share a very special story with all of you. A very close family friend of ours, David is terminally ill and in the last couple months has spent a lot of time in the hospital battling his disease. (I am not going to go into detail about his illness at this time but continuous prayer is requested) David is very close to my mom and when my girls were younger, we were extremely close and he lived with us at times. He was like another brother to me and me and my girls loved him. I have many pictures and home videos of back then which I'm sure you'll get to see.

David's mom and dad live in New Jersey and David has been back and forth from California to New Jersey alot of his adult life and I always knew the name - ' Jay & Penny ' (yea Jay & Penny, David's mommy & daddy) but I never had the pleasure of actually meeting these wonderful people- until this afternoon. David went in to intensive care about 3 days ago and his parents 50th Weddng Anniversary celebration was scheduled for today Sat. July 1st , in New Jersey and everthing was already reserved and prepaid and they cancelled it all last minute to fly to here to CA day before yesterday because their baby boy, David is so sick.

Let me tell you, these people are INCREDIBLE people. I will probably not ever meet anyone like them again. David's dad, Jay is going to be 80 and he is a retired professor who still still student teaches and his mom is not only a fabulous mother and grandmother but a retired nurse and 75 ( i'm pretty sure she's 75, if not, she is going to be 75) and they look absolutely amazing. I have known and heard SO much about them all my life and to finally get to see them in person and hug and kiss em' was awesome!

We surprised them this evening at a local restaurant. They were planning on taking my mom and Susan (another friend of my mom and davids) out to dinner tonight at Market Broiler so my sis and I (along with my mom and susan) decided to try to make their dinner a little more special so me and my sis got there a little early and decorated the table with balloons and flowers and confetti and we got them am edible arrangement fruit basket with chocolate dipped apples in it and a nice bottle of champagne. They had NO idea and when they walked back to our table we started clapping and they were just looking at us like, who are those crazy ladies, then they realized and saw the balloons and flowers and their 50th champagne glasses with their name cards that I made for them at the table and they both (and us) teared up and they cried. It makes one feel good about themselves when you know that you have made a difference in one's life. When Penny finally sat down all she wished was that David was there with us......It was difficult to see them like that. ( that was incredible)

I was happy to see that a few times during our dinner, they both smiled and laughed with us and I would like to request special prayer for David and his mommy and daddy as they continue their journey to their son's recovery.

Penny and Jay: I love you guys and you and David will remain in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to our many visits that I we will have and share with you David in the future.

( I will be posting updates and pictures about our vacation later on- more important things must always come first)

Love Always, Ti Ti


kel said...

THat is great that you were able to make their day special even with all the things going on. Thoughts and prayers for David and family.

Taylor said...

that is sad about David but it looks like you guys had fun.

Debby said...

you always have a way of making me cry....that was so sweet of you and your family to do that for them. and ya know 10 years is amazing to be married anymore more less 50. Happy Anniversary Jay and Penny....

Avery's mom said...

what a terrific couple! and it was so good of you to make their day a little bit are so sweet :)

Michelle said...

It just gives you hope for the future to know that there are people out there that make their marriages last. I see those edible fruit baskets in the Zoo News Magazine we get from the San Diego parks. They looks so cool!