Thursday, July 27, 2006

Favorite Foto Friday....(& then some)

This pic is from Becca's game Tuesday night.....This Tues night game was their FIRST loss of the summer season. Thats ok ladies, you'll gettem' next time and they did... Tonight, (thurs) they won with a score of 7 to 0..... YEAH! Becca pitched the whole game, she is getting better and better every season! It is a bit blurry but it's hard to get GOOD action shots, ya know?

Another thing I DO NEED to mention is TGIF!!!!!! This week has been extremely long and tiresome. We had a little memorial for David last night here at our house with his parents and his 'California Family', (us) We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread and jello pudding. His parents will have a ceremony once they get back home to NJ. They leave on Sun and Sat morning the guys are gonna get all David's furniture and stuff from his house moved into storage for them and we can deal with that at a later date. His Mom and Dad are ready to get back home and family there are missing them and I'm sure wanting to see them too. They will truly be missed and I hope we stay in touch. I went through a bunch of pics and scanned them all and Heather helped me put songs on it and I played it for them and everyone else that was here last night and they really enjoyed it. I only found 55 pics for this dvd, but i know I have more, and i chose 2 out of the 3 songs for the dvd as some of Davids favorites from our days. The Love Shack, B-52's, I Just Can't get Enough, Depeche Mode and then for the last song we did When I Get Where I'm Going, Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton. We burned a couple extra for them to take back home with them for family and they know that if they need more, we can make and mail them some more.

Yesterday and the day before, I spent attempting to explain to an almost 5 year old what it means when you die....... Yeah.... We have been around and around with questions and more questions and with the best answers I feel appropriate to be given. Once she (K) finaly realized that David had passed due to a severe illness, she wanted to know where HE went, what happened to his BODY.....(ok, i've had enough) K has only known that her Papa (my dad) passed from being very sick and this was two years ago and and I wasn't able at that time to explain to her the whole "why do people die" thing. so now, she wants to know EVERYTHING.... She does love going to Church and she knows about God and Jesus and believes in Heaven, (along with them thousands of questions that go along with it) So yesterday afternoon before our guests arrived, I reminded her that once darkness came, we would go out front and find the first star we saw and that would be our special star of David an she was happily agreed. (due to our current weather, we ONLY found ONE star in the night sky) THANK YOU LORD, BLESSED ARE OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS , IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY, AMEN.

Heather kept the kiddies for me today...thanks much.. cause, YEP, I am a stress basket. Today their day care had a field trip to WILD RIVERS, more that an hour away from home and a huge WATER park at that.....I know, I know, call me what you want. I thought about letting J go for about a day, but that lasted for about a minute..... (he does know how to swim, he's 8, but I just could not allow t.....) and Kaylee, NOPE , sorry, I just was not comfortable with her going AT ALL. She does not know how to swim yet and I'm sorry, but if I'm gonna let my youngsters participate in a water filled day, I want to be the responsible party. I'm sure I'll have many agreements in this scenerio......

(thx heather for keeping my babies in safe for the day!)

This Sat is also J & K's pool party and then Sun Becca has training class for the pageant which I will attend with her... (omgoodness, Do I ever get a break?)
I DESPERATELY NEED TO WASH A FULL LOAD OF WHITES AND DRY THEM, THEN FIND TIME TO FOLD THEM UP AND PUT THEM AWAY. I couldn't find socks for the kiddies tonight for the mornin'.......UUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

You poor thing I would help if I could but this is all stuff I can not help with. I am sorry. We love you hang in there and this weekend should go quick.

Debby said...

i totally agree with you on the field trip thing, until Josh was in jr high I went on all his field trips with him or he didnt go, Iked at MSI then so they were real good about letting me go for the day if I needed too. ya know they say there is plenty of supervision but especially at a waterpark how can you keep your eye on every child, hope the kids understood...
And girl you need a couple hours at the spa, massage, manicure, pedicure...treat yourself, we all need that now and then, although it doesnt even seem like you have time for
Try to enjoy your weekend.

melissa said...

if it makes ya feel better sis...i have to move out a house sat morn. your party at 2:00 a baby shower in chino at 6:00 and i have a very sick 2 year old-sunday will be cleaning/laundry day and hey..i ned to bleach and fold whites socks for the hubby!!!!!back to the 9 to 5er mon.WHOOPEEE!LOVE YA LOTS!!!p.s.i think daves parents really loved their dvd-thanks heather!!!!!!!