Thursday, February 23, 2006

Top Guys On Idol!

The Top 12 Guys!
My top 3 from the guys:
#1-Taylor-he is awesome all around! great performer!

#2-Kevin-(young & not the best looking but isn't it about the good voice!)

#3-Ace (needs some practice, he'll get better!)


Michelle said...

so many choices, it hard to pic favorite now. We have liked Sway all along thought. And Taylor has an awesome personality it would be great to see him go far!

LISA said...

nonononono what about Chris he is not only a hottie but rocks in his voice. hey it is me HEATHER

Debby said...

i like ace and chris, i was so happy to see sway leave he bugged me and so does Giddeon. I think Chris might go far

Taylor said...

I absoutly aadore Kevin because he is so cute.