Sunday, February 05, 2006



Steve and Heather hosted their first SuperBowl Party this year!!!! It was absolutely great. Everyone who came brought something and there was so much food, it was impossible to try everything. A few options for appetizers included: little smokies in BBQ sauce, nacho cheese or fresh homemade salsa with torilla chips, ceviche on a cripsy corn tortilla, seven layer dip with Scoops and more. Then on the grill came burgers, chicken, hot links and more.........Add the food along with the Corona + limes = GOOD TIMES! The guys enjoyed playing horseshoes in the back and the kids took turns in the trampoline. We had too have the older kids take turns with the little ones, cause the little ones must have their turn by themselves so they do not get trampled over! As you can see in my pics here, they had fun!

I think we have started a new yearly tradition, haven't we Heather and Steve?


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

I must agree trisha it might be a tradition things went well and my house was all back together by 9:30 to be ready for today.

Debby said...

who brought ceviche......oooh i havent had that in ages...good stuff...looks like you all had a blast

Avery's mom said...

awh, these pictures look so wonderful,,,,everyone getting along and having a fun time.
I say you do this every superbowl