Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Starting Off The Week......

Monday evening we had dinner with Eric's dad. I made Sesame Chicken and Parmesean Roasted Potatoes with steamed broccoli. It was really good. A new recipe a tried and must say that it came out well! Everyone enjoyed it and we had a good time visiting. One thing I must mention is when we were talking with Kaylee about her dance class, cause she starts this afternoon, and Papa Bill asked her to make sure that she call him when she has a recital so he can come and she responded immediately..."You are too old" ... We fell out laughing!!!! It was so funny.

Today is Kaylees's first dance class, a freebie to see if she is really going to like it. Tap and Ballet for 1 hr- 1/2 hour of each. We had tried last year, but she just wasn't quite ready so we're trying it again. Since she got the Bella Dancerella she has really gotten into it! Will let you all know how it goes this evening!!!

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Heather/SHTEZQ said...

i can not wait to hear all about it tell her to call me k.