Monday, January 29, 2007


Well, I - WE have been sick.....Eric and I both had it bad last week and Im so glad that I am finally feeling better. This ucky flu and congestion absolutely sucks! Then Thurs night, after I finally tried to eat some real food, I got voliently ill and puked my guts out. This of course made my heart rate go up and let me tell you,. it was pounding and would not slow down. I ended up at urgent care and they did an EKG and a chest x-ray. My heart rate was still a bit high and now I have to see my reg DR tomorrow and get a referral to a cardioligist to have some tests done. Hopefully this will not interfere with my already scheduled surgery which is for Feb 16 - to have a procedure called Novasure and and have my tubes tied: Here is some info on this newer type of procedure that will hopefully end my monthlys and ree me me from agony an pain:

What is the procedure like?
The application of energy is intended to permanently remove the endometrium (lining of the uterus), to reduce or eliminate future bleeding. Here's a look at how the procedure is performed:

Your doctor will slightly dilate your cervix and insert a slender wand through the cervix into the uterus.

The doctor then extends the triangular mesh device through the wand where it expands to conform to the dimensions of your uterine cavity.

Electrical energy is then delivered into the uterus on average for approximately 90 seconds.

The triangular mesh device is then retracted back into the wand and removed from the uterus.
(you can read more about this at

(I really hope that this will work!, it sounds good and my Dr who is a specialist, has convinced me)

I'm a little worried that if they don't have a concluse answer about my heart rate, that they will not want to do the surgery. So I am keeping my thoughts up and hoping for the best...

IN OTHER NEWS: Here's K and V posing for the camera his last weekend! K is so excited because her dance recital is coming up in March, so she has been busy...busy... learning and practicing her routines! And V is being sexy in her pics!!!!!

Also: I am doggie-sitting for a few days or a friend and karl the little Cocker is not being nice....I had to put him in the garage for a little while cause he was trying to attack him. Like he would have a chance with this big ole dog Blue! Lexi and Blue get along fine but Blue hadn't met Karl before this afternoon and they had their little run and now they are doing ok! I will be sleeping in the family room on my second bed (the couch) like I do alot anyways and keeping an ear and eye on them. They will be alright, they just had to get used to each other a little while!

Karl is our cocker and Blue is the bigger doggie! Although, right now Karl is on Blue comforter that his dad brought for him and he's not liking that too well! But hten again, Blue is on the couch, (my bed) so they'll have to be getting to their own dog beds real soon!!!!!


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

poor carl is just defending his terrritory.and how cute are the girls .Everything is going to be ok trisa keep your head up k!

Shionge said...

Oh sorry to hear that you have been poorly, hope you are fine now.

The kids are gorgeous :D

Michelle said...

Glad to hear your feeling better! I'll pray for your future health and for your surgery! I realize its pretty serious but i keep thinking it sounds like electro-shock therapy for your uterus! That's kinda funny!

Debby said...

sorry to hear youve been feeling bad...we were sick last week also, i took some of that Zicam i think its called its supposed to speed up the recovery time and get you over it alot faster i think it works real well, i was sick for 3 days eric was sick for about a week. Hope everything goes good with the heart doc.....take care of yourself,.