Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HEY.....I'm back.........

Well, seems like I've been gone forever..... I'm back home now for at least a day then we're off to the beach for a weekend camping trip. Much needed at that, I must say. Although it is a lot of work to go camping, we will have FUN, I'm sure! We got a deal from our neighbor, (gotta LOVE thy neighbors) cause they planned something else and gave us their reservations so it really wasn't planned by us we're gonna do it anyways! E got Fri and Mon off so I said LETS GO!!!!!!

the pageant was so much fun.... becca did sooo good for it being her first pageant. she looked absoulutey beautiful on stage in her formal wear! she answered her question with no stuttering or forgetfulness and accomplished her pivots and turns like a professional model! i was a very proud mom watching and helping her prepare in between competitions..... it was an extremely busy weekend... sat morn she had her personal interviews with the judges in ontario at the sheraton and sun morn we started our morn with rehearsal and then a lunch break and then back for dressing and make-up and hair touch-ups at 2:30pm to prepare for the pageant at 4pm. she did not win anything this time and that is totally ok.... she is not upset at all and then i asked her if she would do it again she said, "probably not mom, i think i'll stick to softball"
~here is a pic of when she did her casual wear routine on stage~

~walking to center stage with the MC~

~standing on stage in pose~

well crap......., i'm having trouble posting more pics right now so i will try again in the AM..... must be a blogger thing going on~ hope everyone had a good weekend and a great start to their week!


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

wish I could of been there she looked beautiful eric said there was no fashion part last time I let him explain a girl thing I heard the winner was really fake to bad huh? I think she should of made the top 10

kel said...

She looks beautiful. I love the casual clothes pic. She looks like a real beautiful girl not somoene that is snotty beautiful...if that makes sense.

dakotablueeyes said...

Very pretty

Debby said...

alot of those are popularity contest, the girls that have been in them since they were small, but she looks great, and had some fun, and thats what matters...And what it does to help them boost their confidence, to talk in front of a bunch of people and to get on stage. Way to go Becca, you did AWESOME.