Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Happy Birthdays Are In Order...

Well, this last weekends events included a couple more birthdays from our famous month of October!

We celebrated Taylor's birthday on the Hollywood walk of fame on Sat afternoon and then finished off the weekedn with a Princess celebration on Sunday for Cheyenne (a good friend of mine's daughter whose also jeremy & Kaylee's cousin) which was held at our place!

All in all everything went well and we continue on the PARTY celebrations in the next few weeks... We are taking my sister out this Sat (for her 'bachlorette' get together and all the guys are going on a fishin trip early, early Sat morn til Sun morn!) then my Halloween Party teh following weekend-(which will also be me and my sister's birhtday celebration- mine is the 23rd and hers is the 26th!



Heather/SHTEZQ said...

Happy birthday to all. and to all a good night! oh wait that is the wrong time of the year o well!

Debby said...

happy b-day all
have a great weekend

grody jo-dee said...

heard you had a birthday! hope it was a good one :)