Monday, November 05, 2007

its all about karl..................

well, karl got his grooming and he is so funny when we get home. he rolled and rolled around forever when we got home. i was real skeptical cause i had to take him to someone new. my usual groomers, i think are closing down cause i've been calling for over a week and leaving messages but no return phone call. that was the only one he's ever been too and hes pretty finicky. he is a total mommas boy and is under my feet 24 - 7. i found the most AWESOME lady thats not far from our house at all and she was great! she asked about him and i gave her the rundown and he did not give her any problem at all! she will be our new lady!!!! she is going to try and groom zoey (for the first time ever) on friday. she said small dogs are always worse and more nippy but she is good and i klnow she'll have no problem with her either. when i got there to pick up karl, he was just roaming around in the front oom of her little grooming house.... no cage and he was sssoooo happy to see me back to get him. he doesn't like car rides much and did not want to stay there when i dropped him of but less than two hours later, she called and he was ready. when we got home , he went crazy, just rollin and jumpin and all hiped up, i'm sure he felt so much better!!!! anywho..... here are some pics i snapped of him today!!!!!

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