Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I had to take some pics of K and Lexi at bedtime. YEAH, I know, Lexi is a little spoiled. She likes to be under the covers too! This is how K fell asleep this particular night!

This is K's parade and Halloween party at school. Only the Kinders got to participate i dressing up at school and having a little parade. E went and took some pics for me as I was really busy at work with my students' costume parade and pumpkin patch. I did her make up and sprayed her hair black with a white strpie down the middle! She is really looking like a scary Vampiress!

Was another great one, as usual. Here I am as a witch as most of you already saw over on SHETZQ's blog. We didn't have quite as many people show this year but the first keg was empty by 10:30pm. I made my famous meatballs (and again, this year I did not get any of them) and the usual chips with chili and cheese. I also made some rum flovored cupcakes. They were a hit! I finally cleared the place out near 3am as you know the men can get when they get to that point of "alcohol and fighting" combined. All in all, it was another great party!

Here are Lexi and Karl in their Jailbird costumes. They are such good sports when I dress them up! Aren't they cute! They kept them on for a couple hours!

Halloween night-TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jnd K dressed as Vampires and friend D from down the street as a dirt bike rider. J is pretending to 'suck his blood'. E took the kids around with Dand D's dad this year and I sat on the porch and passed out candy. I had my scary music playing and my fog machines going off and some little ones wouldn't even come up. This is my favorite time of year and I enjoy doing that. HOPE YOU ALL HAD A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

the costumes look scary! My little fell asleep on the floor last night! At least thats where we found him this morning - after we put him in his bed! LOL I miss the CA halloween! It was way TOO COLD to be out last night!

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

They look awsome. I love there costumes this year. i also want the ones of the girls you have.

kel said...

All the pics look so great you defiently make Halloween cool!

dakotablueeyes said...

wow awesome costumes