Saturday, April 15, 2006

Are You Bluffin?

We all played some Texas hold 'em after the party at my sisters. I am still recouping from last night. I had been out, but was dealing for the guys until about 2:30am- I finally said I gotta go lay down- Eric and my brother, Josh finished up around 4am. Eric won both rounds we played!
We ended up stayin there last night and then Jeremy had a game this am and Eric was called to umpire so we were up and outta there by 8am to get home and ready to got to to the ball field for J's game- (they won 11 to 1, YEAH!) and then get ready to leave again for another birthday party for baby cousin TJ who turned 1 today!
let me tell you, right now I am exhausted and GUESS WHAT, ERIC WENT TO HIS REGULAR POKER NIGHT TONIGHT AND HE HAS GOTTEN LESS SLEEP THAN ME~ THEY WANTED ME TO GO BUT I HAD TO NICELY DECLINE. I still have to prepare four Easter baskets. (I am waiting to make sure the kiddies are asleep) Posted by Picasa


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

i hope you have a great easter and i will talk to you later

mommygoingcrazy said...

I LOVE POKER! Yes, I am a church going girl, but that is my downfall. I LOVE POKER! Too bad you live so far away! We have a weekly poker night here too! We would have to get together to play. Hey maybe we could play on! Hope your Easter rocked!