Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Well, so far this summer has been a blast and a busy one at that. I have been on vacation since June 22nd and went back to work today, July 5th...My computer was being upgraded so I'm really behind in my updates for our blog. So far, you'll see pics from our own backyard...We have an above ground pool just big enough for the kids to havwe fun in and I've even cooled off in it... Also, we had our housewarming party on June 25th, that was so fun... we got a lot of nice things from everyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH... And Heather and I and all the kids have been hanging out together too. We took them all to the lake and we also took them to Pharaoh's Water Park, we had a blast. Kaylee, whose gonna be four Aug 29th- was not quite tall enough for the big water slides and she was upset about that. She is my water baby... She loves the water.. Can't keep her out of it.. Jeremy and Emmy loved the big black 3-person water slide there- It is 108 steps up... so Me and Heather had to take turns taking them on that... Becca and Vanessa missed out on this ttrip, Becca had to work and Vanessa was with her dad and stepmom in Vegas. We have been really busy round here so far this summer...More exciting updates and pics to come very soon. Love everyone!!!

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